Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sorry I Have Been Away For A While

Things have been crazy lately and I have found little to no time to go on the computer let alone be able to blog.

So here is an over view of what we have been up to since my last Blog.

 Going to the Merry-go-Round
 Playing with Baby Dolls
 Going on Picnics
 Climbing Trees
 Playing in the mud
 First day back at preschool
 Enjoying her "alone time" while brother is at school
 Playing at the park, learning to use the "Big Boy" swing
 Laughing and saying "Wee" going down the big slide
 Bubbles bubbles everywhere
 Popping the bubbles
 Putting backpacks away at school
 Going to Science Museums
 Lots and Lots of Mommy time!
 Checking out the fishy
 Riding a bear
 Getting to touch and explore Starfish
 Play dates filled with pretend play
 Two cute as buttons kiddos
 Trying to swim with Papa
 Loving the Lake
 Sweet treats
 Even more Mommy time

 First French Braids
 Reading, Reading and Reading
 Having and after school snack at Barnes and Nobel
 Being silly before bed with mommy's hat

Rolling out the pizza dough
 Eating the yummy pizza he just made
 "Read me the Recipe Mom"
 Making Cupcakes
 So proud of his handy work
 Goofing around

Being the Best Two Kids This Mom Could Ever Ask For!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Adventures Of M&Ms!

In my younger days I studied abroad in London for a semester. I was very fortunate to have that experience for many reasons. One of them being the friends I made, some of them locals from the UK and others studying abroad with me. I cherish those friendships!

I met Red (nickname) in London, she was actually the first person I met there. 

I was checking out the apartment I would be living in for the next three months and none of my other roommates had arrived yet. When I went out to the balcony to see the view, I noticed that we shared it with the neighboring  apartment. Soon a petite, spunky Red head stepped out and introduced herself to me.

We began to chat and decided to go explore our new neighborhood and hunt down some phone cards to call home and let them know we arrived safely. Our friendship continued during our time in London ranging from doing homework together to going out to experience the night life in the city.

Upon returning from the UK, Red and we fell out of touch because of the distance between where we lived. That was until we were both pregnant with our future sons, and thanks to social networking found each other again.

This was wonderful, she is a lovely person and my first Mommy friend. Since the reconnection, we share our happy stories and tells of woe from our day to day adventures through motherhood.

We have become really close, she is the one that threw my second baby shower. We both have two children, beautiful boys came first and then our sweet little girls. The kids are close in age, the boys 3 months apart and the girls 6 months apart. Boo (nickname) was Boog's first little friend. And Bubbi (nickname) was Littles first girl friend.

We live a fair distance from each other (roughly 2 hours), but try and do play dates as often as our busy lives let us.

When we do get together it is always an amazingly fun time! Our kids play perfect with each other. The boys rough house and explore, the girls tag along after their big brothers. It is a pure delight!

Yesterday was no exception, we played outside, went extreme couponing (Red is a pro), spent some time at our local bookstore, lunch and then some more outside play!

The favorite games and topics of the day were twirling in chairs, spraying water from the hose, digging in dirt and of course lets not forget the snails!

Here is a glimpse into our day filled with laughter.

The twirling in the chairs started off with the kids taking turns spining each other around, soon it was the girls sitting while both boys pushed them around and around.

Then they moved onto slides and digging dirt.
Boog found one of his snail pals to share and tell Boo about. Boo took a bit to warm to the idea of touching a snail, but soon became good friends with the slimy garden creature too!

And what is summer without some water play!

Then it was off to do some extreme couponing! Red showed me the ropes since I had never done it before. With her help I  saved hundred and fifty bucks off my bill. But I will have to admit the most impressive part was how well behaved the M&Ms were (nickname for the group of Kiddos). We thought for sure our trip would have to be cut short cause they would get grumpy or restless, but they did the exact opposite.

They actually were in such good moods that we add at trip to the bookstore to play with the train table. They each got a new book and the girls got matching stuff puppies (Littles says thank you Aunt Red!).

Next up, Lunch and ended the day with more exploring and water play.

 What a FABULOUS day!

What do you do on play dates?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Momerory Monday

Doing the Lemonade Stand for the Fourth of July made me think of Littles' first birthday party. My mom and I made all the decorations by hand, the theme was Littles' in Wonderland and the colors where red, white and black. The party was lovely, I think everyone had a lot of fun.

I have always felt a first birthday is a big deal and there should be a big party to celebrate. We ended up with 45 guests in my tiny home. Luckily the weather was nice so people could go outside.

Little was dressed up as "Alice".

The house was covered in decorations........the only problem was my camera was acting up that day and all the pictures came out yellow :( Hench, I am only putting a couple of pictures up.

We made games, this one is the "bean bag toss" or toss the stuffed hedgehog in the Mad Hatters Mouth

When it came time for everyone to sing Happy Birthday, Little was out cold. She didn't have cake until later that night after the party was over, Big Brother on the other hand didn't wait............

Boog loved his Little Sisters party and was a party animal!!!!!!

I love parties and decorations are one of my favorite parts. I have already come up with the themes for the kids next birthdays. Littles' 2nd birthday will be "Sugar Plum Fairy" and Boog's Fourth Birthday is going to be "Circus". I have tons of ideas floating around in my head, I really need to start writing them down so I don't forget.