Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sorry I Have Been Away For A While

Things have been crazy lately and I have found little to no time to go on the computer let alone be able to blog.

So here is an over view of what we have been up to since my last Blog.

 Going to the Merry-go-Round
 Playing with Baby Dolls
 Going on Picnics
 Climbing Trees
 Playing in the mud
 First day back at preschool
 Enjoying her "alone time" while brother is at school
 Playing at the park, learning to use the "Big Boy" swing
 Laughing and saying "Wee" going down the big slide
 Bubbles bubbles everywhere
 Popping the bubbles
 Putting backpacks away at school
 Going to Science Museums
 Lots and Lots of Mommy time!
 Checking out the fishy
 Riding a bear
 Getting to touch and explore Starfish
 Play dates filled with pretend play
 Two cute as buttons kiddos
 Trying to swim with Papa
 Loving the Lake
 Sweet treats
 Even more Mommy time

 First French Braids
 Reading, Reading and Reading
 Having and after school snack at Barnes and Nobel
 Being silly before bed with mommy's hat

Rolling out the pizza dough
 Eating the yummy pizza he just made
 "Read me the Recipe Mom"
 Making Cupcakes
 So proud of his handy work
 Goofing around

Being the Best Two Kids This Mom Could Ever Ask For!!


  1. excellent reasons for being so absent!

  2. I agree...it looks like you've had a FABULOUS time with the kiddos!
    Love the photos...

  3. i love these pictures. i can't believe how big they are getting.